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Saturday, October 31, 2009

True Ghost Stories - Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire is a story about the Alabama Girls' Industrial School in 1908 which is now the University of Montevallo. It's all about Condie Cunningham who was the pioneering student who live on the 4th Floor of the school main resident hall. One night when Condie and her friends make a hot chocolate using a burner which is against the rule of the dormitory, when someone accidentally knocked over the burner and catch Condie night gown.

This accident cause the death of Condie Cunningham as she run and panic because of her burning dress. Her friends has nothing to do with it, they just watch Condie to die. Right now, since the death of Condie, there is a ghost hunted the 4th floor of the Old Residence Hall. Some students living in that floor tells a story about hearing a horrifying cream of a girl in their hallways and others hears footsteps running up and down but now one was there. And even others hear a voice of a girl shouting for help.

Here's a story of Girl on Fire from "Scary for Kids" site:

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