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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Florida vs Rachel Wade Murder Case in Session

Rachel Wade is a 20-years old young woman who's been in a love triangle which cause her to killed her rival from the love and attention of Joshua Camacho. She killed Sarah Ludemann for an interests and the incident happened way back on their teens. The man involved might not aware of what is going on to his two other woman aside from the mother of his son namely Erin Slothower.

The poor Rachel Wade is now facing the court against the people of Florida, the consequences of her mess but not totally from her own decision to murder the other woman. She might telling the truth that during that time, she do that for a self-defense, just like what she's trying to point out in court. Jealousy is another reason but there is no clear evidence that could totally put her down on the case.

Let us wait for further trial to unlock not only the story behind of Rachel's case but of course, let us hear the statement of other people involve. You can watch it live few moments from now in Session.

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