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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jodie Fisher And Mark Hurd Issues Rounded Up!

Mark Hurd was one of HP's top decision makers who's been fired by the company for an allegation of harassment. Jodie Fisher entered the story as an allegedly woman behind of everything else but according to "The Wall Street Journal" report, she used to deny the relationship and other affairs that struck the privacy of the former CEO while on his position. For now, it is unfair to throw these issue on him because the firm doesn't release any of their statements in regards with one of their personnel.

Jodie Fisher And Mark Hurd Issue

Jodie Fisher was known as the company's contractor and also known as a reality television show star. She used to appeared before in "Age of Love", another celebrity which has been linked to a controversial executive officer. According to her, she doesn't mean to irradicate the job of Mr. Hurd to lost his job.

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