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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen Photos

The award winning actress recently broke her silence about her true identity. Kristy McNichol shared her photos with Martie Allen, her long-time partner and that is to encourage anyone to came out their shells. She admitted to People magazine that she is a lesbian and the ground for that issue is supported by her 20-years relationship with Martie. However, some of her fans and followers already knows about it but now, she is ready to bring a new twists of her life.

Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen Photo

Family Star Kristy McNichol Photo

Kristy McNichol Younger Years

Kristy McNichol People Magazine Photo

According to her interview, coming out and to publicly announce the truth behind her personality can lift the feelings of others. Just like of kids suffering from school bullies. She also have her own ups and down in life when different issues swirled her pasts. Just like of what happened during her time in Family, her late 70's film and Empty Nest.

She became a co-star during her teenage years but she noted that her confusions starts to ruin her life. And she's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the early 90's and has been rumored by her abusive lifestyles. Guess what, she is now turning to her 50's but her legacy can be remembered by the one who knows too much about her. Her sexuality can probably be judge by others but not her heart, right?

And in addition to this report, she is currently living in a healthy and private relationship with Allen.

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