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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ben Feldman is Debuted to Mad Men Season 5

It's not a joke or a serious frank! The 1st of April is one of the most remarkable episode of Mad Men because of Ben Feldman's special participation in the show as a brilliant and pretty weird guy. He played the role of Michael Ginsberg, a junior copywriter and he will be joining the hilarious squad of comedians for good and probably, all through out the entire season.

Ben Feldman in Mad Men Season 5

Ben made an audition and luckily earned the favor of those people working behind the show. He is now a member of AMC's award winning series that captured the hearts and minds of the national viewers for already 4-year straight on TV. And last Sunday, the new season of Game of Thrones entered to gain a big share from the audience but what we are trying to promote the appearances of the newest casts and characters rather of making a detailed review.

And asking of what happened behind the scene of Mad Men last Sunday, April 1, 2012? Here's the few statements given by Ben while on the middle of uncertainty with his new employer in the industry noted by Zap a few moments ago:
"They don't want anybody to know anything, especially strangers that are coming in to audition. So you get a script, but names are changed and situations are changed so I had sneaking suspicions that my interview might be with Peggy and then with Don. And the first scene that I auditioned was that scene with Peggy interviewing me. And I went in for Matt and Jon because he was directing the episode. So tremendously intimidating."
But if you missed to catch the first appearances of Ben on the show, you can join us as we continue to follow his outstanding role in the succeeding episodes of Mad Men Season 5 after of this break.

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