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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Krystle Marie Reyes Tax Fraud, Revealed!

Krystle is probably knowledgeable of Turbo Tax application and opportunities behind of its implementation. According to report, she is formerly known as a simple citizen of Salem, Oregon, an ordinary woman who used to work just like of any regular employee. However, she succeed from her attempt to file a false tax return that brought her an about $2-million at her stake.

Krystle Marie Reyes Mugshot

She received her $2.1-million refund as she declare her $3-million total wages and has been approved by her state. And guess what, she earned this in just a matter of few days because of Turbo Tax far from the knowledge of the U.S. government. Because of this, she spent this money in buying anything she wanted in life. Having a luxurious car and spending an about $150-thousand in few months after receiving that money gave a lead to authority to investigate.

It is clear that her tax fraud is one of the biggest theft in the history of Oregon. Other people are probably aware of this strategies but nobody can tell their lies just like of what happened to Krystle, a 25-year-old woman who is now facing the consequences of her anomalies.

Furthermore, she was caught last June 6, 2012 and authority is currently investigating the other portion of the money she stole from the people of United States. She's been hiding from authority before her captivity but upon reporting that one of her debit card has been stolen, they doesn't waste their time to put her into their custody.

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