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Monday, October 22, 2012

Trailer of Iron Man 3 Captured Millions of Viewers

In just a matter of days, trailer of Iron Man 3 captured million of viewers in YouTube. It was posted last October 21, 2012 but today, if you missed to catch it recently, you're now in the nearly three-million hitter. And that video tells us to have the full and first movie teaser in Apple soon. The clip earns a lot of comments because the 17-second runtime is not enough for a craving fans of Tony Stark.

Marvel Iron Man 3 Poster

For more, here's a video posted by Marvel in YouTube. This can give you a few important idea about the movie trailer that smacks the line upon reaching the social networking sites:

Last June, we heard that filming of Iron Man 3 in Epic Game studios. And now, it is clear that the exciting part of the film is asking our favor to catch the upcoming new adventure of your favorite superhero. Complete listing of casts and characters are now available in official website of the movie as well on its Facebook fan page.

Handful of movie poster are now downloadable for fans who are craving to catch Tony in American-inspired metal suit.

In "The Avenger," Iron Man is joining a league of extra-ordinary people to save the planet Earth from a possible destruction. But now, he is back for another exciting scenes protecting humanities from a new threat.

Sad to say, the sequel of Iron Man is coming in theaters by 2013 and its promotional video is just a reminder for all of us to catch the most exciting part of the story. But it is good to have it later in 3D big screens as well in iMax, right? You can try to look around for additional details as well upcoming reviews from movie enthusiasts.

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