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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

US Military and Government Agencies are Preparing for Zombie Apocalypse

Before of anything else, Happy Halloween! While celebrating this spooky season, the United States military based in San Diego is now preparing for a serious drill, the Zombie Apocalypse. According to report, the training exercise was participated by the Navy special forces and selected Marines. It is like a costume party but their enemies are very realistic just like of what we can get from films.

US Military and Government Agencies in Zombies Apocalypse Drill

The government is giving them a scenario where they can make a certain drill to face the possible attack of the undead. Compared to "The Walking Dead," those people (non-military personnel) who are joining the event changes their appearances and acts like a real zombies. And as a part of Halo Corporation's Anti-Terrorism campaign, they are inviting the marines and navy for the said exercise.

Furthermore, the idea came from the tactical operation prepared by Halo Corporation, the official organizer of the Halloween costume like scenario. And guess what, it gathers a lot of curious folks around the place to witness the zombie apocalypse.

As we all know, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns the public of the possible scenario. A campaign that captured the attention of "Resident Evil's" fanatics and the famous television series that happens somewhere in Atlanta.

Thousand of military and police officers are expected to join the drill. The event will take place this Wednesday, October 31, 2012 in Paradise Point Resort as the zombies invade an about 40-acres of the island, a densely populated place in the country. The Central Intelligence Agency is also joining the said military exercise.

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