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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adam Lanza's Body Has Been Claimed by His Family

The tragic shooting incident that shook the nation last December 14, 2012 remind us of what we need to do to keep the safety of our kids in school, right? According to the latest updates, following the burial of the victims, the body of Adam Lanza has been claimed by his family member. However, their is no clear reports coming from Connecticut about the name of that person. Probably, a relative coming from his hometown.

Adam Lanza

As we all know, Adam committed suicide after the rampage. The shootout ended with a total of 26 fatalities including himself. And that includes a 20-kids and 6-adults that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Newton. In addition to this report, the incident stirs a new controversy about the regulation of guns in United States community.

He also killed his mother who is also working at the same school where he started to open his semi-automatic riffle to anyone he meet. The school principal is one of the 26-victims and now, the incident brought out a great depression this Christmas season to the family of his victims.

We do not know the plan of his relatives and family members who possibly claimed his body. But you can try to look around for other updates after of this break.

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