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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gangster Squad Recreates Slapsy Maxie Club

For the sake of Gangster Squad film, production manager, Maher Ahmad is recreating Slapsy Maxie club. The favorite hang-out place of Mickey Cohen, the real name of the leading character in the movie. According to our source, the original spot of the club was in Wilshire Boulevard way back in 1940s. But now, that place is already gone and other establishments replaced the legendary nightspot.

Gangster Squad Official Movie Poster

Here's the movie trailer that will take you to another time in the same place in Los Angeles, California:

Furthermore, while on their way looking for the right place to recreate the Slapsy Maxie, Maher found a classical house somewhere in suburb of New York. A vintage home that is pretty similar to old infrastructures and buildings around the area of club original location. However, the place was said to be used by J.C. Penney way back in 1950s.

The new Slapsy Maxie we are about to witness in Gangster Squad is a supermarket. Because of Maher's work of art, he created the whole place to look like a Slapsy Maxie. He recreates everything from the backstage to where people loved to hang-out in the sense of gambling, cigarettes and alcohol.

Other locations seen in Gangster Squad was taken to different location in United States where the gang of Mickey operates during their time. For more, try to catch the upcoming reviews of film critics after of this break as well the complete listing of casts and characters of the film.

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