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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melissa Cairns May Lost Her Job Because of Facebook Photo

Melissa Cairns is now in the middle of her battle because of controversial photos she posted in Facebook. She may lost her job as a teacher and the social networking site cannot help her anymore but to wait for the decision of the school management where she was hired to protect her students. However, that photos also captured the attention of parents of those kids with a ductile tapes on their mouth.

Melissa Cairns

Furthermore, she labeled that photos with "Finally found a way to get them to be quite." It is an intriguing message to her friends and colleagues in Akron school. She took a photo of her students without a permission from the school board and the principal immediately alerted the parents of those kids after knowing the incidents.

Other parents will probably file a petition for Melissa and she is now investigated by the school administrative board. She is now suspended for 10-days and received a letter that she might be fired due to her awkward behavior as a teacher.

And before we can forget, Melissa Cairns is a 33-year-old public middle school teacher in Akron who was hired in 2007. She noted that everything she does is just a usual joke coming from the four corners of the classroom but the issue reached to a level she doesn't anticipate to happen.

She is now fighting for her right and asking for further hearing for her administrative case against the parents and school board.

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