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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Antonio Silva Defeated Alistair Overeem in UFC 156

Most of us are anticipating the taste of victory in UFC 156 recently. Antonio Silva or "Big Foot" defeated Alistair Overeem but we are asking for more after watching the last round of the game. The referee stopped the fight after knowing the next thing to happen and to avoid further injuries. However, the winner is asking for more while his opponent is now on the ground.

Antonio Silva and Alistair Overeem in Third Round

Alistair defeated Brock Lesnar way back in 2011 and UFC 156 was his recent appearances in the right after his winning battle. He was suspended in Nevada from failing the pre-fight test. It was his recent opportunity for another crown but the "Big Foot" stopped him in the third round of the game. He has a great potential to defeat Antonio as he take over the second round.

Furthermore, Antonio and Alistair will probably see each other again in a rematch but for now, both of them are waiting for that possible game. For now, it was UFC's first exciting match in 2013 and expect a more entertaining and jaw breaking matches on this year.

Replay of UFC 156 is now coming in some regional cable channels. Reviews of the recent fight are also available in some sport enthusiasts portals. You can take a look around for updates as well related reports after of this break.

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