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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes is Facing Psychiatric Evaluation

The former controversial star is now in the custody of authority after she was arrested at her Midtown Manhattan 47th Street apartment in New York City few hours ago. Someone living at the same place called them because of her behavior. She was spotted smoking pots at the lobby and able to moved at her own unit upon the arrival of the police officers.

According to our source, she was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric test. And she will be transferred to the custody of Midtown police station after her evaluation. Because of her disorderly behavior, Amanda Bynes is facing a possible new set of charges. Evidence for possession of marijuana was also clearly stated by authority.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda is getting a lot of trouble since the pasts weeks. And she also threatened In Touch Weekly magazine recently for unknown cause. For more, you can try to look around for other related story about her arrest.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kanye West's Hey Mama Lullaby Rendition

Guess what, Kim Kardashian is now sending her invitations for a baby shower party this coming June 2, 2013. A music box with Kanye West's Hey Mama lullaby rendition, a very interesting package which is according to TMZ, it resembles the identity of her family circle. However, not all are invited for the exclusive party to be hosted by Kris Jenner, Shelli Azoff, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

The invitation included not only the name of these people who are about to bring a life on their party, but also a musical box with in-white dancing ballerina dancing in the tune of Hey Mama. And because of this, the baby shower party of Kim is attracting the attention of the media. The upcoming event in an unknown place for most us could give her fans and followers a lot of surprising happenings.

Kim Kardashian Baby Shower Party Invitation

List of people who are about to join the shower party of Kim is not yet available. However, people from music and reality TV industries are the celebrity gossip sites prospects. To hear that rendition of Hey Mama, here's a clip posted in YouTube:

Mariano Vivanco and Miranda Kerr in Instagram Photo

Few months ago, we heard that the supermodel is having a serious trouble on her marriage with Orlando Bloom. She created a trending topics in tabloids as well in celebrity gossip sites. If it doesn't mean anything for her, the people who are following her appearances on TV as well in fashion runways are getting more curious about it. However, she doesn't share anything about it aside from those folks who knows too much about her relationship.

And recently, Miranda shared a photo of her along with Mariano Vivanco, a fashion photographer who tightly wrapped his hands in a married woman. Sad to say, online writers and some of her fans who are following her Instagram immediately drop their judgement. According to them, that photo of Kerr and Vivanco shows a disrespect to the concerned people around them.

It was a behind the scene photo coming from unknown place but a very powerful medium that could let the fans of Kerr to trigger their anger. She is now receiving a lot of negative comments in Facebook, Twitter, as well in other social networking sites. It is because, the hug of Vivanco could really show a little or big disappointment to her husband.

Mariano Vivanco and Miranda Kerr Photo

Furthermore, this happening could give a few lesson for her to remember in the future, right?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Samuel Little Pleaded Not Guilty from Cold Cases

For more than 10 years, Samuel Little traveled from his hometown moving from one state into another. A 72-year-old former boxer who is currently waiting for a series of trials in multiple courts from cold cases reopened by DNA evidences stored in authority databases. He was accused of slaying women way back in late 1980s.

He was known as a transient killer who strangled most of his victims. That includes prostitutes, drug addicts as well troubled women way back on his younger years. He's been with penitentiary facilities, he is coming in and out of jail from the age of 16. And he is capable of escaping a serious sentence because some of his case ended in court dismissal.

Samuel Little in Court Trial

The above photo shows the summary of his cases from 1975 to 2012. He was arrested recently somewhere in Kentucky for alleged possession of crack pipe.

And now, because of DNA testing and much stronger evidence, Little would now probably spent his remaining time on Earth in jail. He is a suspected serial killer who pleaded not guilty from old crimes which often neglected by authority.

HootSuite for Wrestlemania 29 Continue to Operate

Fans and followers of Wrestlemania 29 stars can now keep up with latest conversations all over the planet through HootSuite. A social media center dedicated for people who are tracking the progress of another anticipated show in United States. It is capable of ripping conversations not only from Twitter but also from Facebook fan pages. That includes likes from users and trends through a simple hash tags.

Furthermore, tracking a hottest topic on the line is one of its advance feature. This could inform everyone about the current trends in social networking sites. According to report, "The Rock" is currently dominating the HootSuite before the Wrestlemania 29 that kickoff last Sunday evening, April 8, 2013. On the other side, John Cena got the highest number of likes in Facebook through his official page.

Conversations continue to fill the atmosphere of Wretlemania XXIX even at this moment. You can also visit the official website of WWE for additional details or to join millions of spectators all over the world. HootSuite is now working behind the scene, the most intelligent software that connect us to the famous wrestlers of our time.

HootSuite Wrestlemania 29

As the result of the recent ring battle for WWE Championship, John Cena has been hailed as the overall champion by defeating The Rock.